Delicious Foods are Good for Your Soul (Milan)

[ Jan.2019 ] One day in January, when the winter sale was already in the latter half, we were walking cheerfully towards my favourite brand’s outlet in Milan in Italy and I tripped and fell….



[ Oct.2015 ] A friend of mine from Japan said that she read about the bar of Campari in the in-flight magazine on the way to Milan, so we decided to go there. It is situated…



[ July, 2015 ] During our holiday in Calabria in southern Italy, we ate seafood everyday and by the end, I missed meat. So, when we went back to Milan, we looked for a good meat…


Restaurant Which Looks Like Grandma’s House

[ Apr.2015 ] I want to introduce an interesting restaurant we went to in Milan. The name is Aromando Bistrot. One step in, you are in the world of 1950-60s. It is not exactly that…


Restaurant I can recommend

[ Jan.2015 ] When we arrived at Chiaravalle Abbey in Milan, it was just about the lunch time. So we went into one restaurant near the Abbey. The name was Locanda Chiaravalle. We did not…


A reputable restaurant

[ July, 2013 ] We went to a reputable restaurant called Al Ponte De Ferr in Navigli area in Milan. It is situated on the canal and the interior is not that special, but the…


A restaurant we often go

[Oct.2012] This time when we visited Milan, I looked at my guidebook thoroughly and got surprised to see the restaurant we often go for lunch was listed there. The name is Ex Mauri and situated…


Clientele looked posh in this restaurant

[Oct.2012] We went to a restaurant called Al Conte Ugolino in Milan, not too far from the Duomo. It was founded in 1935. The interior was not so much different from others, but the customers…


Difference between professional and amateur

[June, 2012] In Italy, it is rare to come across bad foods in restaurants, but service can be varied. The ones which has been run bay a family for a long time will not disappoint…