The Confident Barber of Palermo

The Confident Barber of Palermo

[Dec. 2023] On this day of our holiday in Palermo, Sicily in Italy towards the end of the year, after a satisfying meal, my husband had a reservation for a haircut in the afternoon, so we headed there.

We don’t have any connections in Palermo, so he just randomly found this barber shop on the internet.

the interior of the barbershop we went in Palermo in Sicily, Italy
fairly trendy interior

As I said before, my husband often gets his hair cut when we are on holiday.

It’s interesting to learn about the circumstances of barber shops in various places.

The interior of this barber shop was quite in line with current trends.

I was a little worried because we’ve had a terrible experience with a trendy barber shop, but my husband said he felt good about this shop.

It was a family-run shop with a chubby father and two sons working.

There was a customer who was very particular about his beard sitting next to my husband.

the confident barber in the barbershop in Palermo in Sicily, Italy
this is the barber

One of the sons was in charge, and this customer made many detailed requests about the cut.

Italian men are clearly more concerned about their appearance than men in the UK and some other counties.

Their father cut my husband’s hair.

Well, I thought it was just a normal cut, but what happened after was amusing.

This barber was so confident that he said, “Take a photo of you from the front and the back. Show it to the barber next time you go.”

That made us smile and for him, I took some photos of my husband’s head.

If you looked closely, you would see that there was a small part left uncut on the side, though.

The barbershop was near the famous theatre, Teatro Massimo.

music was played in front of Teatro Massimo in Palermo in Sicily, Italy
good music with many instruments in front of the theatre

The stairs to the theatre’s entrance were covered with a red carpet of poinsettias, with the number 2024 written with white poinsettias on it.

We had found out through the internet that there was a special concert here for the New Year holidays, so we went in to ask if there were any tickets left, but they did not have any tickets of two seats together, so we gave up.

There was a music performance going on in front of the theatre.

I didn’t understand the purpose, but it added to the excitement of the end of the year.