[ Oct.2015 ] A friend of mine from Japan said that she read about the bar of Campari in the in-flight magazine on the way to Milan, so we decided to go there.

It is situated in the Galleria, facing Duomo Square.

I have been around here many times, but noticed this bar only the other day.

In fact, it is a bar with a long history.

Apparently, they gave birth to the tradition of the Aperitivo, the custom of Italians that they eat and drink before the main dinner.

It opened in 1915 and they call it “Camparino”.

We wanted to go up to the terrace, which belongs to them and from which you could see the square, but we could not, because they had a private party on the day.

So we had a table in the Galleria and had a glass of Spritz with Campari.

We could see the inside of the Galleria and Duomo from there.

It was a nice experience, though it was not cheap.