Dinner in Lincoln

[ Nov.2018 ] On the first evening in Lincoln, we went to a restaurant called Jew’s House. We had found this one on the internet and it looked good, so we had booked a table…


Italian restaurant in Bristol

[ Aug.2017 ] On the day when we flew with the hot air balloon in Bristol in south west England, we had our lunch at an Italian restaurant which was recommended on an internet site….


Seafood in Bristol

[ Aug.2017 ] We went to Bristol, a city in south west England just for a short holiday. It was the first time for me. Since my husband went there and said it was nice,…


Lovely meal in a historic house

[ Mar.2017 ] At the weekend when the weather forecast was good, we went to Winchester from home in London by train. On the way, we had to change the train at Reading whose station…


Seafood at Topsham

[ Aug.2016 ] We went to Topsham to eat seafood from Exeter, south west England. The restaurant is called The Galley, which was recommended in a website. It was a small restaurant with interesting chairs…


Steakhouse in Brighton

[ May 2016 ] On the day when we went to Brighton, a town south of England, we had lunch at a restaurant called The Coal Shed, which we had booked beforehand. I said lunch, but…


Restaurant of the butcher

[ Dec.2015 ] I would like to introduce a restaurant we went in London which we were very satisfied with. As you can see from their name, Macellaio Roberto Costa, it is an Italian restaurant….


Portrait Restaurant

[ Nov.2015 ] I have been hearing that the restaurant on the top floor of National Portrait Gallery in London has got a great view and the foods are good, so we decided to go…


Italian in Weymouth

[ May, 2015 ] After having a good time in Dorset, in the south of England, we looked for a restaurant for dinner. The pub in the Isle of Portland was full, so we came…