Go up to the top of minaret (Mostar - Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Go up to the top of minaret

[ Apr.2009 ] In Mostar, the town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a unusual mosque which allowed us to go up to the minaret.

Usually mosques are very strict and we often have to wear scarf, or take off our shoes, and so on.

Here we had to pay 8KM (about 4 euro) and I felt it was a bit expensive at that time, but it was the rare occasion, so I went.

This photo was taken from the top,  looking down the courtyard.

The name of this mosque is Koski Mehmed-Pasha’s Mosque and built in 1617.

According to my guidebook, ‘main purpose of this mosque is to show the Ottoman Islam’s beautiful structure to the visitors’, but it is not solely for tourists.

I saw some men praying there.

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