Dear old Piran

Dear old Piran

[ Feb.2014 ]  The driver of the taxi we took from Muggia in Italy took us to Piran in Slovenia, living up to our request “somewhere nice in Slovenian side”.

There are nearer towns like Isola, but he said “they are not interesting.

Only casinos are there”.

Apparently, around the border in Slovenia, the residential houses are converted to casinos and they are making a lot of money.

Casinos are strictly regulated in Italy.

Actually, this was my second time to visit Piran.

When I travelled in Slovenia with a friend of mine in 2006, we took a bus from the capital Ljubljana for one day trip.

It was a sunny relaxing town and I remember saying to my friend “This is my ideal destination”.

This time, too, it was nice and bright as expected.

We went up to the castle wall and saw the panorama and had a rest in a cafe in Tartini Square, which is the centre of the town.

Piran seems very popular among local Slovenian people and there were a lot of Slav families there.

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