Boat on Lake Ohrid

Boat on Lake Ohrid

[August, 2011] We took a boat trip on the Lake Ohrid.

The boatman did not speak very much English, but told us ‘ Here, the depth is about 10m, but over there it is about 300m’ ‘Once someone caught 7kg fish here’ ‘There used to be a villa of Tito over there’ and so on.

The sky was even bluer than the day before and the water was so clear and I felt wonderful.

By the way, the tour leader of our tour from England did not recommend to take this boat, because there was a big accident in around 2008.

Maybe because of that, currently there is only about 30 min.(10 euro) tour from Ohrid town and no one seemed to be running bigger boat trips to the other side of the lake, which was mentioned in my guide book.

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