Boat, view and ‘the Old Bridge’ (Bratislava - Slovakia)

Boat, view and ‘the Old Bridge’

[ May2016 ] In the evening, we went to the restaurant in the boat moored on the Danube, which was recommended by our tour guide. It was an interesting place called Dunajsky Pivovar and they were brewing beer on the boat and serving it. The boat was on the other side of the river from the Bratislava town, so we had to cross the river first. And the bridge here was impressive. Apparently it is called ‘Old Bridge’, but in fact it was open only a few weeks before and its design was very modern. The trams should be running on it and the tracks were there, but on the day we were there, the service was not yet started.

At the restaurant, I chose the duck dish. It was a bit salty, maybe so that we should order more beer. The black beer we chose was slightly sweet and very good. And the view from here was wonderful. It gradually became dark and the Bratisrava Castle was lit up very nicely. It was very beautiful.

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