Bratislava, 5 things to do in the capital of Slovakia

Bratislava, 5 things to do in the capital of Slovakia

This city certainly doesn’t boast the same reputation as its neighbour, Vienna, but, Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia is well worth a visit.

Over the course of a weekend, you will have plenty of time to visit the main tourist attractions in this city. But, in the Slovakian capital there is plenty more to do than just immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the fairy-tale Blue Church, admiring the castle which was the previous residence of the Hungarian imperial family and strolling through the pastel coloured streets of the historic town centre.

Here are 5 things to do during a stay in this city.

Visit the Slovak National Gallery

This is one of the largest art galleries in the country. Situated on the River Danube, inside it houses works that cover five centuries of artistic production from the 16th to the 20th century. The collection ranges from sculpture to photography and will enable you to view works by some of the country’s most celebrated artists.

Discover Slovak culture and tradition

What better way is there to discover a city, its history, its culture and its traditions than from the mouths of those who know the city well? In the Slovakian capital you can do this thanks to a group of young and enthusiastic people who work as guides on the Be Free Tours which provide a variety of different excursions in and around the city. In addition to travelling the well-trodden paths to the Blue Church and the St. Martin’s Cathedral, you can also throw yourself into enjoying the city’s night-life with a Pub Crawl or you may decide to opt for the Free Communism Tour which uncovers Bratislava’s socialist past.

Enjoy the local food in the capital

The Stará tržnica is a building that was constructed in 1910 and then left in an abandoned state for many years. Nowadays, it houses a market in which you can buy local food and wine and not just those items. The Old Market also hosts musical events, exhibitions, small shops, antique book-sellers and a small cafe which in the evenings is transformed into a pub. The calendar of events is regularly updated on the official website:

Visit the oldest open-air pub in Bratislava

This establishment is called Funus and is well-known for being the perfect spot in which to relax after a hard week’s work in the Slovak capital. Surrounded by nature, (its gardens are home to a variety of ancient trees), the pub serves great beer and fresh seasonal dishes and according to the stories that are told, in the 19th century, it fed patriots and politicians, Here’s a suggestion: you can stop off at Funus after having visited Slavín, the Red Army Memorial.

Relaxing on the grass

Located in the Slovakian capital is one of the oldest municipal parks in Europe. This is the Janko Kráľ. Park which is dedicated to one of the most radical Slovak poets. The park is situated on the banks of the River Danube and dates back to 1774. Inside the park you can view a statue of Janko Kráľ and there is a beautiful gothic tower which dates back to the fifteenth century.

Another alternative is to relax in the gardens belonging to the Grassalkovich Palace which is the official residence of the President of Slovakia where you can stroll amongst the numerous antique and modern sculptures.

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