Great grandfather’s winery (Modra - Slovakia)

Great grandfather’s winery

[ May2016 ] The last place we visited during the local tour from Bratislava was a winery. It was called ‘Pivnica u pradeda’ and situated in Modra, a town on the Small Carpathia Wine Road. The meaning of the name is “The great grandfather’s winery”. Apparently the great grandfather of the current owner, Mr. Michal Petrik bought the land and started the wine making business soon after the WW2, but because the communism regime started, the property was confiscated. The years passed and Slovakia was democratised in 1989. And in 1990s all the confiscated properties were returned to the original owners. So Mr. Petrik started the wine business following his great grandfather’s will.

They served quite nice nibbles with cheese and salamis and let us try their wines. We had 4 white wines, 1 rose and 2 reds. We particularly liked their white wines, so decided to buy some and have them send. But Mr.Petrik did not have enough commercial spirit and did not know how to send bottles abroad. He said he was going to investigate and let us know, so we left my husband’s business card, but since then we have not heard from him at all.

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