[ Dec.2008 ] I continue my Tunisian holiday.

This photo was taken at Tamezret, where we had a rest after a long drive from Douz in the south.

We did not walk in the town, but had a look from the lookout on the hill opposite of the town.

The view of houses gathering on the hill is similar to the ones in south Europe.

I remember at that time thinking of a view in Corsica where I visited some months before.

There was of course a mosque instead of a church on top of the hill.

We went to the cafe inside the lookout and had a cup of mint tea with almond and a cake called “Massi Tatawin”(not sure about the spelling).

This is a simple cake, the flied dough was tossed with honey, and very delicious.

I wished they had packed some for tourists.

It is a shame that I do not have any photos because I was busy eating it.