Blue and white town

Blue and white town

[ Dec.2008 ] The last place we visited in Tunisia was Sidi Bou Said, a seaside town.

There were houses with white wall and blue doors and windows all over the town.

Thinking about it now, those are Greek colour, but at that time, this town reminded me of Obidos in Portugal.

It was a very pretty bright town and there were some Japanese tourists, too.

The strongest impression here was a middle aged woman who gave us the Hanna Tattoo forcefully on the back of our hands.

This tattoo remained more than two weeks and I remember laughing with one of my colleagues who said ” I thought you were writing some memos on your hand”.

I also remember very good doughnuts which cost only 0.4 dinar.

Tunisian holiday was full of interesting experiences.

There are more towns I want to visit.

It takes only about three hours from London to Tunis, so I thought I would come back again before long, but unfortunately ”Arab Spring” in 2011 has made it more difficult.

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