Ben Ali next to Carthage

Ben Ali next to Carthage

[ Dec.2008 ] On the last day of our stay in Tunisia, we went to the ruin of Carthage by suburban train from Tunis.

It is a home land of Hannibal, but what we can see now is the Roman ruins.

First we went to Acropole de Byrsa for the museum and then we went to see the ruin called Baths of Antonius.

Around here is the up-market residential area with some embassies.

The next to the ruin was a huge presidential mansion of then President Ben Ali.

Although he was a president, by then he had been reigning for 21 years.

He was actually like a king.

His face with the big nose was all over the country.

People looked carefree, but in fact, they were strictly politically controlled in those days.

Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia in 2011.

I wonder he is enjoying his peaceful retirement over there.

By the way, we saw a lot of children in Tunisia.

I do not know their educational system, but they always looked like going to or coming back from schools and they often walked 4 people together in one line.

It looked that Tunisia was immune to the problem of declining birthrate and aging population.

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