Journey by boat against the current of Danube

Journey by boat against the current of Danube

[ May 2016 ] From Bratislava in Slovakia we took a boat to get to Devin Castle. We went against the current of the Danube river, so it was a slow journey. It took about one and a half hours. It was relaxing, watching the view from the deck. First, we saw the lovely Bratislava Castle from the river as you see in the photo. When we got further, we saw a canoe practice site and cruise boats and so on. There were many fishing huts just like the ones we saw in France recently. Fishing and having a BBQ must be a typical leisure activity in Europe.

The boat started at 10 am, but many of the people on the boat were already drinking beer. Our guide book said that in Slovakia, wine is more popular than beer unlike the Czech Republic next door, but obviously beer seemed the first choice for them.

By the way, on the way back the journey took only about 40 minutes, because we went with the current.

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