Garlic pancake in Slovakia (Bratislava - Slovakia)

Garlic pancake in Slovakia

[ May2016 ] We went to Slovakia for the first time. It has separated from Czech since 1993 and we hardly hear the news from this small country. But we found that threre are a lot to see here and as a result, we enjoyed this holiday very much.

When we arrived in their capital city, Bratislava it was around the lunch time, so we went out to look for a restaurant which we found in the internet. The name of the restaurant was U Kubistu. The atmosphere was light and casual like a cafe and the staff was friendly and the foods were good. We ate chicken and boar and also this garlic pancake of this photo. It tasted interesting. They said that grilled garlic does not cause any smell problems after eating it. I wonder if it is true…  On the menu, the weight of each dish was clearly shown, which was interesting and we found that everywhere in this country. Also I heard the word ‘decilitre’ here, which I have not heard for a long time.

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