Looking for a shop (Bratislava - Slovakia)

Looking for a shop

[ May2016 ] Our guide book says that there is a handicraft cooperative shop in Bratislava, so we looked for it. We found it just outside of the pretty old town, but it was closed for refurbishment and there was a sign with the address of their temporary shop. So we looked for the temporary shop, but could not find it. We decided to go and ask at the tourist information office. Now it was an interesting experience there. We explained the situation, but the middle aged woman there insisted, “No. It is open. It is a big establishment”. We were saying that we went there ourselves and saw it, but she did not accept it. After a while, finally she picked up my word ‘refurbishment’, then said ‘oh’ and checked her computer. But in the end she found that it was also closed on the day. She introduced another shop in the town instead.

Well, the shop she recommended was the sort that reminded me of the word ‘Warsaw Treaty Organization’ and I did not get attracted by anything. But in the small market in the square in front of the Opera House, we did a bit of shopping. This market looked like cheap souvenir stalls at a glance, but when we looked at them closely, there were many interesting things.

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