St. Michael’s Gate and Tower (Bratislava - Slovakia)

St. Michael’s Gate and Tower

[ May2016 ] This is the view from the top of St.Michael’s Gate and Tower in Bratislava.

This gate’s history goes back to about 1300, but the current building was built in 1758 in baroque style.

In the past there were 4 gates to get into Bratislava, but now only this one is standing.

The tower has 7 stories and the hight is 51 metres.

There is a balcony on top and people can see the view of the old town.

That was our purpose to visit this tower, which is the weapon museum. I am not interested in weapons, so we went by hardly stopping.

Only thing I noticed was that there were some Japanese swords.

From the top, we could see how small the old town is.

We learned afterwards that during the Czechslovakia time, the communist government put more efforts on reconstruction of Prague after the war as the centre of politics and culture and they regarded Bratislava as the industrial town, so the reconstruction of the old town was limited.

By the way, the unnoticeable door of this museum was closed, so we could not see it was open or not, just like the Bratislava Castle.

I wonder if they do not want people to come in.

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