Steakhouse (Bratislava - Slovakia)


[ May2016 ] We had a good steak lunch on the day in the centre of Bratislava. The restaurant was called D Steakhouse, which we found in the internet. It was on the first floor of the other lively restaurant which was facing a square and the steakhouse itself was almost empty. The atmosphere was a little posh. They had many kinds of beef. On top of the local beef, there were Fassona from Italy, Wagyu made in Austria and the most expensive one was Kobe Beef. I chose the local Rib eye steak 300g. There was a choice of side dishes to go with the steak and among them there was a bone marrow. I have never had it with the steak, so I chose it. The bone marrow itself was very oily and heavy, but when I ate it with the steak, it was very good. We had a glass wine each and coffee and altogether it was 87 euros, which was probably expensive for the Slovakian standard. We were satisfied, though, because the food was very good.

By the way, my husband chose grilled garlic instead of bone marrow. And the smell lasted two days!

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