To Vlkolinec (Vlkolinec - Slovakia)

To Vlkolinec

[ May2016 ] After spending one night in Cicmany, the pretty village in Slovakia, we extended our journey to the another pretty village called Vikolinec. This one is listed in the Unesco World Heritage. When you look at the map, the two villages are within easy reach of each other, but the transport is not so easy. First we took bus back to Zilina from Cicmany and took the train to a town called Ruzomberok. The journey was just less than one hour.  We could not understand the annoucements in the train at all, but we did not make any mistakes thanks to the Google map. The travelling has become much easier, hasn’t it.

The tourist office in Bratislava had told us to ask how to get to Vikolinec at Ruzomberok, so we did. But we found that the bus towards the village was not frequent and in the end we needed to wallk quite a lot, so in the end we took a taxi. The taxi was rather worn out old car and on the way one of the sun visors got blown off, but we arrived at the entrance of the village safely. Vlkolinec was in the utmost countryside. It seemed that the village itself was treated as a museum and we had to pay 2 euros each to enter there.

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