Train journey (Slovakia)

Train journey

[ May2016 ] In Slovakia, the place I really really wanted to go was a village called Cicmany. The photos I saw in the internet were so attractive and made me want to visit there. But I could not find any organised tours to get there, so we asked how to get there in the tourist office. First we had to get to Gilina, fairly big city which is north east of Bratislava. From there, we took a bus to the village. Both trains and buses are not frequent, so if we missed one, we would not have reached there on the day.

The journey by train took about 2 and a half hours. The train was new with yellow colour, but inside was in the traditional compartment style. The complete strangers started the conversation and never stopped during the journey. So I was hearing their voices for 2 and a half hours, but did not understand them at all. However long we listen to the unknown language, we cannot understand it unfortunately. I guiessed that the older woman was telling the younger woman about her experiences during the communist era. The service of the train was very good. They gave us the bottled water and coffee or tea for the people who wated it free. When someone ordered some food, they delivered it to the seat. They also provided many magazines. The view from the window was always green and sometimes we could see some castles, too.

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