St Ives

To St Ives by train

[ Aug.2019 ] We got up at 4:30 am and took a train at Paddington Station in London to St Ives in Cornwall, at the end of south west England. It took about 5 and…


Leaving Prince Edward Island by a small airplane

[ July 2019 ] On the last day of our stay on Prince Edward Island in Canada, we walked around the port area of Charlottetown after checking out our very good hotel, Great George Hotel….


Taking a boat in Oslo

[ May, 2019 ] Coming back from the walking tour on the river where they redeveloped well to the port area in Oslo, Norway, we found that this area has been redeveloped as well and…


To Bygdøy Peninsula Using Oslo Pass

[ May 2019 ] We had a very short holiday in Oslo, staying only two nights, so we moved energetically. To do that, we bought a card called an Oslo Pass. This allowed us to…


To Oslo

[ May 2019 ] We went to Oslo in Norway for the first time during the Spring Bank Holiday towards the end of May. Oslo was one of the remaining capital cities we had never…


To Mt. Nokogiri

[ May 2019 ] In the middle of Golden Week (about a week from the end of April to early May, with many national holidays in Japan), we went to Mt. Nokogiri, in Chiba prefecture….


Surprising Blue of Lake Tazawa

[ Apr.2019 ] This time in Japan, we travelled to Akita Prefecture with our family. It was in the middle of special Golden Week (from the end of April to early May, when there are…