Buenos Aires

Revisit Buenos Aires


[ Mar.2018 ] We decided to spend our Easter Holiday in Buenos Aires in Argentina. We have been there before, about two years ago, but that was a part of the grand tour visiting three…


Wandering in Madrid looking for a restaurant


[ Jan.2018 ] We got up very early again and went to Madrid in Spain this time. We flew from London Heathrow Airport as usual, but because it was very early, there were not many…


The scene on the train and about the Ryokan


[ Dec.2017 ] We went to Jigokudani in Nagano prefecture in Japan to see Japanese Monkeys. First, we took the Shinkansen, the bullet train, to Nagano station. Then we changed to Nagano Electric Railway to…


To Pescara via Rome


[ Nov.2017 ]  We went to Pescara, a seaside town on the Adriatic Sea in the middle of Italy. Pescara is in Abruzzo. We have already been to many places in Italy, but it was…


Nardo at night


[ Oct.2017 ] That night, we went to Nardo, an old town which is about 17 km south of Porto Cesareo where we stayed in Salento region in Apulia in south Italy. I thought there…


Enjoy swimming at Blue Caves


[ Sept. 2017 ] I continue talking about the tour in Zakynthos Island in Greece. Because the water at the Xygia beach was too cold to swim, we went on driving and stopped at Skinari…


Metro in Moscow


[ Aug.2017 ] On the first day in Moscow in Russia, we joined the optional tour called “Moscow at Night” which started at 9 pm. Basically, this was the tour visiting Moscow metro stations. The guide…


Starting sailing


[ Aug.2017 ] We were in Saint Petersburg for two nights staying on the moored ship, but on the third day at 7 pm, finally we started sailing. The water of the Neva river was…

Saint Petersburg

The restaurant in Saint Petersburg


[ Aug.2017 ] On the third day in Saint Petersburg in Russia, after coming back to the boat from the Catherine Palace, I changed clothes and we went to the restaurant we found on the…

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