Bandar-e Anzali

Dash on Anzali Lagoon

[ May 1999 ] In the morning after staying one night in Bandar-e Anzali, the town on the Caspian Sea in Iran, we had breakfast at the cafe at the water’s edge. Our guide, Khalil…


Into Pakistan

[ Sept.1996 ] In the morning in Tashkurgan, a village near the border in China after staying one night, our bus disappeared with our luggage at 9 am which was supposed to be the departure…


From Dunhuang to Uighur world through Hami

[ Sept.1996 ] At the beginning of the third week of our grand across China travel, we headed west for Hami from Dunhuang by bus. The bus was as battered as the one to Xiahe….


The train journey from Lanzhou

[ Sept.1996 ] On the last day in Lanzhou, the city with the Yellow River in China, we went to Baitashan Park. On the way, we came across a limousine to Haneda Airport in Tokyo….


Boat trip from Yangshuo

[ Aug.1996 ] On the second day in Yangshuo in China, my bottom was hurting so much that I could not sit on a chair easily and that was because of our tough cycling the…


The tuna bowl and sightseeing boat in Misaki

[ Dec.2019 ] After enjoying Umanose Domon on the Jogashima Island in Miura City in Japan, we walked to Jogashima Lighthouse. There was a path above Umanose Domon and the view from there was picturesque,…


Rickshaw ride in Yufuin

[ Dec.2019 ] It was another fine day on our second day in Yufuin, the hot spring resort in Oita prefecture in Kyushu in Japan. The shuttle bus run by the accommodation took us to…