Kairouan and Nagareyama (Kairouan - Tunisia)

Kairouan and Nagareyama

[ Dec.2008 ] We left Tunis and started our 3 nights tour in Tunisia.

Our first visit was Kairouan, an old Islamic capital.

It was called the third important city in the Islamic world in one point.

After visiting a grand mosque, we entered the medina (old part of the city).

Kairouan is a centre of weaving carpets, too and we saw a lot of bright coloured carpets hanging in front of shops.

After bargaining and buying some spices for souvenir, we met a man who said that he had lived in Nagareyama in Japan for four years.

For some reason he had the Japanese health insurance card and showed it to us.

He worked for Showa Rubber Co.Ltd.

It happens occasionally to meet people who used to live in Japan in unexpected places.

Some years before this holiday, I was called out in fluent Japanese at a small town in Iran near the border of Azerbaijan.

Apparently this Iranian man used to live and work in Saitama prefecture in Japan.

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