Market and camel (Douz - Tunisia)

Market and camel

[ Dec.2008 ] We stayed in a town in the south called Douz on the second night during the tour in Tunisia.

This place is called “Entrance to the desert” and I felt intense atmosphere where people live negotiating the harsh nature.

First, we visited a market for people’s everyday life.

They sell from vegetables and spices to clothing which were crumpled on a stand.

Both vendors and buyers were mostly men.

If this represented whole country, 90% of people in Tunisia would be men.

After that, we went to ride a camel, which was the main attraction here.

They said that because the grains of sand were very minute, they would possibly damage the camera, so I went without my camera.

My friend had a waterproof cover on her camera and took some photos, though.

Before riding, we wore a cloak and turban of Berber people to get excited.

We straddled the sitting camel and when the camel stood up, it was a great thrill.

It was interesting, but I would not say that it was a comfortable ride.

Because of the wind, the sand drifted and the light of setting sun shined on it, which created an amazing unearthly beauty.

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