Travelling in Tunisia in 2008 (Tunis - Tunisia)

Travelling in Tunisia in 2008

[ Dec.2008 ] Before forgetting everything, I decided to write about the travel in Tunisia in winter in 2008.

I flew from London and my friend from Tokyo and we met in a hotel in Tunis.

In those days, the country was governed by Ben Ali, and at least on the surface, it was peaceful.

I took a Tunisian aeroplane, so around the check-in desk at Heathrow, there was already Arabic atmosphere.

When I arrived in Tunis, it was already dark.

Because my guidebook said that we should be careful not to get overcharged by taxi, I remember I was worried only about that.

Anyway, I arrived at the hotel without any problems.

Next morning, the town I saw from the hotel window was all in beige colour.

It was very dusty outside, and I felt that our clothes and hair got dirty in a second.

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