The smallest house in Great Britain (Conwy - Wales)

The smallest house in Great Britain

[ May, 2013 ] The red house in this photo is the one.

It is in Conwy in Wales and facing the port.

It was built in 16th century and until 1900, someone was really living there.

The floor space is 3.05mX1.80m and has two stories.

The funny thing is that the last person living there was a big man with 190m tall.

If you pay, you can go in and have a look inside, but we thought there cannot be much to see (because it is small), so did not go in.

By the way, Japanese houses used to be called rabbit hutch, meaning that they are small.

But in Britain, which is also an island county, many people live in a small space, too.

One time, I looked at many flats to rent and was surprised to see one studio flat whose bed was just in front of the kitchen sink.

It is common not to have a bathtub in the bathroom.

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