Slate museum

Slate museum

[ May, 2013 ] The highlight of North Wales is definitely Mt.Snordon.

You can climb up to the top by train.

But our tour did not have enough time for that, so instead, we went to the Slate Museum near the foot of the mountain.

This place used to be a workshop for maintenance of the nearby quarry and there were 3000 workers here at its height, but it was closed in 1969 and became a museum in 1972.

We saw the largest metal waterwheel in the world here.

What was more interesting for me was three houses dismantled and rebuilt here.

They are miners’ houses in different times, one is a house of 1861, and others are 1901 and 1969.

It is very interesting to see the change of the life.

All of them are small and really humble houses.

By the way, I wanted to get some leaflets here, but the most of them were written in Welsh language.

It took me a while to find an English one.Welsh people seem to make great efforts to preserve their language.

Apparently Welsh is one of Celtic languages and similar to the one spoken in Brittany in France.

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