Excursion to the island

Excursion to the island

[Aug. 2023] While staying in Nafplio, Greece, we also went to Hydra Island.

This is another destination that my husband discovered while researching for this trip.

the boat to Hydra Island from Hetohi port, Greece
the boat at Metohi port

We wanted to go there after reading that there were no cars on the island, and that the only way to get around was by donkey.

We could have gone from Athens, but due to our schedule, we decided to go from Nafplio.

When we consulted with a travel agency on the main street in town, we were told that a tour from Nafplio would take 3 hours on a boat, but if arranged individually, it would take 2 hours by taxi and 15 minutes by boat.

We chose the latter because there is a high possibility that I would get sick if I was rocked on the boat for a long time.

The return trip by taxi to Metohi, a port on the opposite shore of Hydra Island cost €150.

On top of that, the return trip boat costs €15 per person.

Metohi Port to go across to Hydra Island, Greece
very quiet Metohi Port

On the day, we were told that we would be leaving at 9 o’clock in order to catch the 11 o’clock boat, so we headed to the meeting point in time.

However, the driver the agency had reserved broke his leg (I wonder if it was true), so we had to wait for a while.

There were only three of us, including our friends, but a large minibus of substitute driver showed up.

And because the departure was delayed, the driver rushed!

There were quite a few mountains to climb and many curves, and I got car sick, which is rare.

inside the boat from Metohi Port to Hydra Island, Greece
inside the boat

In the second half of this journey, I was able to keep my back straight and stare at the road, which saved me from a catastrophe.

On the way, we saw the remains of a three-car accident.

One car was upside down.

Even though there is not a lot of traffic, accidents happen because they are rushing like this minibus.

It’s wild Greece.

When we arrived at Metohi Port, we found it was a rural area with just a ferry waiting to take us to Hydra Island.

We soon boarded and departed.

Hydra Island seen from the boat from Metohi Port, Greece
arriving at Hydra Island

I was told the ride would take 15 minutes, but in reality it was about 30 minutes.

Hydra Island was getting closer and closer, and it was so pretty!

It reminded me of Symi Island, where we went a few years ago.

When I saw this scenery, all the traces of my car sickness were washed away and I felt a surge of energy.