This is my friend, Tarcisio’s posting.

There were some small things that impressed me in Moscow, because things were different from the west:
One of these was that the newspapers were basically free and a lot of people carried one.

Obviously there was a strict control on the press what they can write and what they cannot, but in any case who wanted be informed could do that for free.

Of course it was before internet era and long before ‘free paper’ became common in the west.

In those days I was a keen amateur jogger and because of that, I noticed that there were a lot of joggers at any time of the day in Moscow.

People said me that not only jogging but all kinds of sports were encouraged to do and basically for free too.

Another thing I remember is that we saw many very young girls late at night in the tube.

Sometimes they were wearing mini skirt and on her own, which is impossible in our country, because it would be too dangerous.

But some local people told us that there were no risk at all.

One night we met an Italian guy who used to work in a rare Italian restaurant in Moscow.

We had a dinner with him and he told us that in Moscow there was a parallel world where you could do a lot of things which were not allowed officially, for example alcohol, prostitution or drugs.

Everything was possible to buy but with a risk.

Of course they were expensive and you can buy them only in US dollars.

These things are not visible for tourists or guests.

I don’t know if what he told us was true, but they say, there is no smoke without fire. It was a great esperience in a world totally different from mine and a world that doesn’t esist now.

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