USSR, Moscow 1980 – 3

USSR, Moscow 1980 – 3

This is my friend, Tarcisio’s posting.

Walking around in Moscow, we were surprised to see no foods on the shelves in the supermarket, included the famous department store called Gum.

But in the hotel we had wonderful breakfasts and dinners, always with a few kind of caviar and a lot of different foods.

They served us as lords.

Some evenings later we went to Bolshoi Theatre to see “Don Quixote”, a ballet performed by the best Russian dancers of that moment, famous all over the world.

I was impressed because in the seats, all the people were apparently very simple wearing simple clothes and behaved very simply.

I mean it is quite different audiences from the ones in La Scala, for example.

Were they the same people that had problems to find foods in supermarket? Also, I was surprised to see a lot of very young people, which is not common in western countries.

I noticed a lot of very pretty girls…

Another day we went to see Kremlin.

We visited inside where they show us the areas where the government used.

Everything was majestic and spectacular.

During the day I was surprise to see that women were cleaning the streets at 5 degrees under zero for the first time in my life. In our country in those days it was unimaginable that women did that kind of work.Only men did heavy works.

We also visited the Space Museum.

They were very proud to show us their conquests in competition against USA.

We saw the dog Laika, which was the first living being that went into the space.