A conscientious tour company

A conscientious tour company

[ May, 2013 ]  We joined a tour run by a company called Rabbie’s for this England & Wales holiday.

This is a Scottish company based in Edinburgh.

They started organising tours in Scotland and gradually expanded to England and Ireland.

In fact, this was my third time to join this tour.

I am not advertising, but every time I got satisfied.

First, as you can see from the photo, the bus is very small, so it can go into small roads which a big bus cannot go in.

This bus can contain max.

16 people, so the tour group is always small.

And I learned this time that even if only one person books a holiday, they will run the tour.

The hotel is not included in the price.

When you book a tour, they will ask you which grade of hotels you prefer, and according to that, they will choose a hotel and book it for you.

The guide is also the driver.

This time, our guide Kevin was an interesting person.

He is from east London and his birth place is now a part of the Olympic site.

He used to work in an advertising agency, 14 hours per day.

Having got tired of it, he went off to South America and liked Brazil very much, so bought a house with a beach there.

But now he is selling this property and when it is sold, he will buy either a house in California or a vineyard in France.

I wonder what he really is…

He told us that he bought a ‘Lord’ title by internet.

I thought he was joking, but when he gave me his business card, the word ‘Lord’ was certainly printed.

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