Perfect hotel (Slovakia)

Perfect hotel

[ May2016 ] The hotel we stayed in Bratislava in Slovakia was called Marrol’s Boutique Hotel. It was a perfect hotel which we have rarely experienced. The location was just around the corner from the centre of the old town. The staff was very friendly. We travel a lot but we rarely meet the hotel staff whom we can ask things without any problems. The functions such as shower, wifi, etc. had no problems, either. The room was not very big, but had the very relaxing atmosphere, so much so that I felt as if I was in someone’s home when I woke up in the morning. They gave us a free drink at the bar on the ground floor which was decorated as a study. It was nice, so we went back there again later. We had a dinner in the restaurant as well and it was very good.

Now I just had a look at the reputaion in the internet and found that some people complained that the room was too noisy. They have 51 rooms, so there may be hit and miss.

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