Rhodes Town

To Rhodes seeking the view of warm sea

[ Sept.2019 ] We missed the view of warm sea, so decided to visit Rhodes in Greece just as a long weekend. Our flight was from Gatwick Airport in London and the departure time was…


From St Ives to Dartmoor

[ Aug.2019 ] The morning view in St Ives in Cornwall, south west England was very beautiful, too. The place where there had been many boats in the sea on the day before was land…

St Ives

The changeable weather in St Ives

[ Aug.2019 ] We stayed at Poldhu Guest House in St Ives in Cornwall, the south western end of England. Because we decided to come to St Ives quite late, when we tried booking a…

Charlottetown and vicinity

To Prince Edward Island

[ July 2019 ] After staying in Montreal in Canada for three nights, we moved to Prince Edward Island. We had lunch at Montreal Airport because for an airport, there were some good restaurants there….


To Oslo

[ May 2019 ] We went to Oslo in Norway for the first time during the Spring Bank Holiday towards the end of May. Oslo was one of the remaining capital cities we had never…


The Lakeside Hotel and Katakuri (Asian fawnlily)

[ Apr.2019 ] We stayed in a Ryokan, a Japanese style hotel, called “Katakuri no Hana (Asian fawnlily flowers) on the lakeside of Lake Tazawa in Akita prefecture, Japan. The exterior was not special, but…


To Miyako-jima

[ Apr.2019 ] For the Easter holiday this year, we went back to Japan and extended our journey to Miyako-jima, one of the islands in Okinawa prefecture. Unfortunately, my husband injured his foot again, just…