The accommodation in Cicmany (Slovakia)

The accommodation in Cicmany

[ May2016 ] On the day when we went to the pretty village, Cicmany in Slovakia, we stayed in Penzione Jaborina. We wasted one night in the hotel of Bratislava, but there was no way to get back to the capital city on the day. We booked this pension from Bratislava by internet. I do not know if there are any other accommodations in the village, but this was the only one that we could book online. It was a large house in Cicmany standard and our room was spacious. The chicks were walking around in the garden.

We had our dinner here. A very pleasant waitress served us an aperitif called Borovicka. It was a strong spirits like the Grappa and apparently it is a popular drink in Slovakia. The starter was the mixture of cheese and ham. We had a deer meat dish with Cranberry sauce with potatoes. The meat tasted like the reindeer meat which we ate in Finland, rather than venison we sometimes eat. As for the dessert, we asked for something local and they served a kind of dumpling with some prune in it, which was very heavy.

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