A fine hotel

A fine hotel

[ Apr.2014 ] We stayed at Central Park Hotel in Sighisoara in Romania, which is located just outside of the wall.

It is a very nice hotel.

According to the leaflet in the room, this house was built originally in 1897 by a local businessman called Josef Teusch.

During the communist regime, it was used for government offices.

The current owner took four years to renovate it to make a hotel with 33 rooms and opened last year.

Apparently the interior of each room is different.

Ours was a reddish interior and we could see the old town very nicely from the windows.

We had a dinner in the hotel restaurant.

The Ciorba (soup ) of our friend was served in a pot made of bread (this one).

My main course had a name of the original owner “Josef T” (this one).

We all enjoyed our foods including the sweet.