Stray dogs

Stray dogs

[ Apr.2014 ] There are many stray dogs in Romania.

They seemed to be fewer than 9 years ago when I visited this country for the first time, but still we saw many during this trip.

According to our friends, they do not see them in Bucharest any more.

They said ” People do not want to keep the dogs, but they still give them some foods, which is the problem”.

At the last monastery we visited in Valcea County called Dintr un Lemn (meaning Wooden Monastery), a sad dog without the tail follwed us all the way.

This Wooden Monastery was built because when they cut a tree, they saw a cross on the stump.

A small wooden church which was built using this tree was there.

I saw similar ones in Maramures area in the past.

Unfortunately, we could not enter the church, but I saw the inside from the window (click here).

Very simple.

The church was surrounded by the graves ( like this ).

This was another hidden gem in Romania, which was not listed in my guide book.