Town of sculpture

Town of sculpture

[ Apr.2014 ] In the town of Targu Jiu in Wallachia of Romania, there are some sculptures made by the world famous sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, who was born near here.

They are in parks in order for everyone to look at them.

To be honest, until I came here, I did not know of him.

Apparently, his art had a huge influence on the field of abstract sculpture and he was one of the pioneers of Minimul Art.

He was born in a poor farmers family and at the age of 7, he was looking after the herd of sheep.

But afterwards a businessman recognised his talent and sent him to an art school, which led him to the world.

Lucky, wasn’t he.

He worked mainly in Paris.

The gate in this photo is called “the Gate of Kiss”.

According to our friend, the couple who kissed under this gate can stay together 100 years.