The famous carnival is held here (Rio De Janeiro - Brazil)

The famous carnival is held here

[ Jan.2016 ] Rio de Janeiro is famous for the carnival.

Every year, we see the gorgeous parade on TV, don’t we.

The venue of the parade is here, a kind of stadium called Sambadrome.

I didn’t know that.

I thought they walk and dance on the streets in the town like the carnivals in Europe.

And the particepants are apparently the people from ‘Samba schools’.

So they are students of the schools where they teach Samba dance, which I did not know, either.

It seems that every community has a ‘school’ in the city, so in fact each community shows off and competes how showy they could be, like in Europe.

The Sambadrome is not only in Rio, but in many cities in Brazil.

Of course the one in Rio is the largest.

The length is as long as 700 metres and 60000 people can get in and see the spectacle.

This year, the carnival was 5th – 13th February.

When we were there in January, not many people were around, but there were some tourists there.

They dressed up in the costumes which you can rent very cheaply and were taking photos.

Of course we did the same, too 🙂

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