[ Jan.2016 ] From Paraty in Brazil, we went to our last destination, Rio de Janeiro, by car.

After arriving there around mid-day, we went to a restaurant called Boteco Belmonte near our hotel.

What we ate here was the meat again as you can see in the photo.

This is the meat called Picanha, the loin of a cow.

We usually do not see Picanha in Europe.

A Brazilian friend of ours who lives in Milan in Italy one time looked for Picanha all over the city, saying it was the best part of the meat.

And he is a great cook, so I did not hesitate to choose it.

It was simply salted and the taste of the meat was very good, though from my point of view, it was grilled a little too much.

According to our tour leader, in the South America generally, they seem to prefer eating meat well-done.

This restaurant and our hotel were near the famous beach, Copacabana.

The famous song by Barry Manilow, which sticks to your mind once you remember it, was not about this beach, but about a night club of the same name in New York, apparently.