Eating Cevapi and Boat Trip

Eating Cevapi and Boat Trip

[ May 2018 ] When we were walking in Mihailova Street, the main street in Belgrade in Serbia, we saw some people selling tickets for the boat trip on the Sava River and Danube River and we decided to take that in the afternoon.

It started at 3:30pm, so we had to have lunch quickly.

We decided to have a light lunch of Cevapi at the restaurant just underneath our hotel, which was called Opera.

However, the Cevapi was not light.

I had forgotten that the guide of the walking tour told us that they always serve 10 Cevapis each.

Cepavi went very well with the local beer and I liked them, but it was too much and I had to leave some.

We should have had one plate between us really…

The meeting place at 3:30pm was the entrance of the Kelemegdan Park, but we had to walk a long way to get to the port on the Sava River.

Along the river there were many trendy looking new restaurants.

We found many restaurants in this city and they have not run each other out of business, which means there is demand.

Our boat was a peculiar one, shaped like a turtle.

The boat went out to the Danube River from Sava River and we saw the raised floor-style houses on an island of the conservation area, which are not allowed to be built.

The scene looked very similar to the Delta area of the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Then we sailed near to the area called Zemun, which we had been introduced to during the walking tour, and New Belgrade, the newly developed area after WW2.

The guide on the boat said “the block numbers of New Belgrade are so complicated that even we get lost there”.

There were many fishing boats moored in the middle of the river there.

According to the guide, because it costs 300 euros per month to moor at the port, they keep their boats there.

The fish they catch is mainly catfish.

Along the river at New Belgrade, there were many restaurants, too.

We saw one wedding party there.

After coming back to Sava River, we went up the river for a while.

There was an area of high-end apartment blocks being developed.

Apparently, it is a project with Middle Eastern money.

The penthouse in those buildings costs 4000 euros for 1 square metre.

The guide said “Our average income per month is about €400, so we can buy 1 square meter of that flat after working 10 months”.

Even so,  the apartments were already all sold out.

That reminded me of what our walking tour guide had said: “Some of the Mafia became businessmen changing their clothes”.