Education conscious mum and dad

Education conscious mum and dad

[ Sept.2014 ] In the Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s summer palace in Isle of Wight in England, there is a Swiss Cottege, quite far from their main palace.

Victoria’s husband, Albert made the real Swiss cottage reconstructed here.

Their children farmed in a small field and sold the products to their parents so that they learned the basics of economy.

They also cooked in the cottage.

The surprising thing is that there were as many as 9 children! The Queen got married at the age of 21 and her husband died when she was 42.

It was a norm for Victoria to be pregnant…

Further from the cottage there was a private beach.

Now, visitors can take the mini-bus to get to the cottage and the beach from the main palace.

On the way back, when we were waiting for the bus, more and more people came and one bus was not enough.

People were not exactly standing in a queue, but when the bus came, someone who came to the bus stop later than us said ” the front of the queue is that side”  and let the people get on the bus in order.

This is the good old Britain.

This wonderful sense of order is already lost in London….

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