West Hill (Hastings - England)

West Hill

[ June, 2015 ] We went up the West Hill in Hastings in the south of England, too.

They have the same kind of ‘lift’ as the East Hill.

The length of the railway is 150m, which is longer than the East and it went into the tunnel soon after it started.

They started the service of this funicular railway in 1891.

Unlike the East Hill which was rather empty, here on the West Hill there was a restaurant and some residential houses. Also, there is the ruins of Hastings Castle here.

This castle was ordered to be built by the Wiliam the first in 1066, the year of Norman Conquest before the Battle of Hastings.

So we walked to see the castle, but it was already closed though it was not late at all.

I looked it up later and found that they close at 3pm.


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