Very friendly (Bordeaux - France)

Very friendly

[ Apr.2016 ] For the first dinner in Bordeaux in France, we went to a restaurant called Chez Dupont, which we booked from the airport before leaving. It is a place introduced in our guide book as “a French restaurant which Hollywood would describe”. Their menu was only in French, but a quite good looking young waiter explained them in his poor English. I chose the one he said “spicy sausage, which is the speciality here”, and it turned out to be a dish of tripe, full of tubes inside.  Fortunately I like that kind of things, so I enjoyed it. It was not too spicy and tasted good, but quite rich. A man who came and sat at the next table had the same one, so it could be the popular local dish. This photo is my starter, a dish of Burrata. Of course we had a bottle of Bordeaux wine. By the time we finished the main, I was full up, but the man at the next table was eating a very good looking Baba, so we ordered just one to share. He gave us the rum he did not use, so we poured it on as well and it was really good.

This man, as well as the waiter and the funny waitress who joined in our photo without being asked were all very friendly.  Generally speaking, many of the French people are snob and because of that sometimes we get our holiday spoilt a bit, but in this holiday, we did not have any experiences like that at all.

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