Historical restaurant

Historical restaurant

[ Dec.2014 ] We went back to Japan over Christmas and New Year period again.

This time our friend took us to an interesting restaurant.

It is an old place with the atmosphere of somewhere between “restaurant” and “canteen”.

Its name is “Ponta Honke” and it is situated in Okachimachi in Tokyo.

The menu was limited, including a fried pork cutlet, and we could feel that they were particular about their way of cooking, as it is said in their website.

We ate stewed tongue whose sauce was cooked for 3 weeks, fried squid and scallop sauteed in butter.

Each one of them had a robust flavour.

They came with rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables, so it was as if we were eating at home.

It was our lunch, but because it was a cold day, we had a toast with hot sake.

Apparently, this restaurant was founded in 1905 and they created Japanese pork cutlet.

The interior had a relaxing atmosphere and the clientele was fit for that, being rather elderly.

I found that this restaurant is children free.

This is another aspect of their particularity, which was pleasant.

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