Waited more than one hour

Waited more than one hour

[ Dec.2013 ] We went to a restaurant called “Nishiki” in Izu Atagawa, which was listed in my friend’s guide book.

The book said ” Be careful, there is another restaurant with the similar name”.

If this restaurant is so good, we had to go there, though there were more than 10 people waiting to enter there.

Here it seemed normal to wait to get a table.

There were not only chairs for waiting people, but also comic books for them.

The restaurant is a small ordinary people’s house.

Some people seemed living upstairs.

Maybe this small house creates an atmosphere, so they do not expand the space.

When we got a table at last, the famous “a heap of finely chopped horse mackerel” was sold out, but we enjoyed turban shells, sea cucumbers, venison, seared beef, and so on.

I realised that we had become the last lunch customers.

We waited for a long time to enter the restaurant but perhaps the stuff was waiting for us to finish our lunch, too.

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