Noto Peninsula was very cold

Noto Peninsula was very cold

[ Mar.2016 ] It was cold in Noto Peninsula in Japan at the end of March.

We visited a few tourist attractions, but it was too cold to stay long outside of the car, so we could not look at things thoroughly.

Early spring may be the wrong time there.

One of the places we visited was a long bench at Masuhogaura whose length is 460.9m.

Apparently this is a famous place to enjoy watching the sunset, so it must be crowded with couples when the weather is good.

This bench was listed in Guinness Book as the longest bench in the world in 1989, though now the longest bench is in Switzerland with the length of 1013.32m.

We also went to a place where they make salt in the traditional way, though I forgot the name of the place.

The staff there explained how to make the salt, but it was too cold for me to concentrate to understand it.

Another place we visited was the famous terraced paddy field called Shiroyone Senmaida.

The average space of one filled is only about 20 square metres and 1004 of them are there on the slope.

It was a very interesting scene.

But I could not find out why this was the only place like that around here.

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