Beach where cars run

Beach where cars run

[ Mar.2016 ] We went to Japan and had a short family holiday for the Easter holiday this year.

This time we went to Noto Peninsula for the first time.

The journey was easy as we took the Shinkansen, Bullet Train which went directly up to Kanazawa.

First, we visited Chirihama Nagisa Driveway where cars, including buses, can run on the beach.

We went on the beach for a while by car and stopped just on the waterfront.

I have never experienced anything like this before.

Apparently because the grains of sand here are so small and tight, and they contain sea water and became very hard, cars can go over it without any problems.

It was very strange sight.

The length of the beach is apparently 8km.

Unfortunately it was coudy and dark on the day we arrived and the sea was grey.

But on the way back a couple of days later when the sun was shining, we visited here again.

The blue sky and the blue sea gave us completely different impression.