tasty meals from the rich local foodstuffs

tasty meals from the rich local foodstuffs

[ Aug.2016 ] This photo is a part of feast we had in our hotel in Sado Island in Japan.

This time we stayed two nights in a hotel called Ryokan Urashima and on the first evening we asked for the Japanese dinner and on the second, French.

There were two buildings in this hotel, one with western style rooms and for French dinner and the other is for Japanese style rooms and Japanese dinner.

The dining room for the Japanese dinner was rather bare, but the food was excellent.

On top of this gorgeous Sashimi dish, we had fish cooked inside a salt crust, oysters, and so on.

It was so much that even I who eat a lot could not finish it all.

We had a bottle of sake called ‘TK35’ which was really good.

The breakfast in the next morning was nice, too, which was presented in a tiered box.

The waitress who seemed to love Sado Island proudly said to us “We can produce every foodstuff here in Sado Island apart from eggs and sugar”.

The French dinner was very sophisticated.

The amount of one plate was small, but we had 5 or 6 dishes, so in the end we were super full.

The pork of the main dish was from the pigs of their own farm apparently.

We tried wine made in Niigata prefecture where Sado belongs, but this tasted rather strange.

I talked about the foods first, but what we did on the first day was that soon after we left our luggage in the hotel, we went to see the sunset in the area called Nanaura.

On the shore with many rocks, the sunlight was reflected on the sea, which was really beautiful.

The clouds were making complicated pattern on the sky.

Seeing the view, I felt really refreshed.