[ Aug.2015 ] The most important place to look at in Helsinki is Suomenlinna which is about 15 minutes away by boat from the market square.

This is a fortress made up of 6 small islands and it is listed in the Unesco World Heritage.

It was built by Swedes in the mid 18th century who were worried about Russian invasion and it was called Sveaborg then.

I did not realise until then that there was not a country called Finland and this area had been a part of Sweden for a long time.

When the Russians really invaded in 1808, the commander of Suomenlinna surrendered easily in order to protect his soldiers and their family.

He must have been a very good person.

After the Russian occupation, this fortress was not looked after.

During the Crimean war in 1850s, they hurried to try to service those cannons, but the shells did not reach the British warships apparently.

By the way, It was during the Russian revolution in 1917 when Finland became independent country.

So it was a miritary base in the past, but now it is a holiday resort for people in Helsinki.

Many were enjoying picnic.

Some were bathing in the sea.

It was interesting to see the big cruise ship go through between the islands.

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