Surprised to see a festival in the neighbourhood

Surprised to see a festival in the neighbourhood

[ Aug.2014 ] When we went out to a supermarket as usual in one weekend in early August, we found a great many people gathering in front of a church.

Everybody was wearing colourful cosutumes like sari.

We moved forward a bit and saw some portable shrines were processing.

I had known that there was a Hindu temple nearby, but never knew this festival, maybe because we are usually away around this time of a year.

I looked up the internet and learned that this is Sri Lankan Tamil people’s religious procession and up to 10000 people would gather there.

Unfortunately this year, the weather was so unstable and when we were there, the sky became dark all of a sudden, and heavy rain started.

So we could not see all, but the most surprising thing was that many half naked men were rolling on the road.

There must mean something deep, but I could not find it in the internet.

Anyway, it is typical of London to see this kind of festival of different culture held in front of a Christian church, because there are so many different kinds of people are living in London.

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