The island of the internment camps

The island of the internment camps

[ May, 2014 ] Isle of Man had a lot of enjoyable elements, such as pretty historical trains and the special cat without a tail, but on the other hand, there is an aspect that it was used as the site of internment camps during the WW2.

The hotel we stayed was called The Rosslyn, but where we had the breakfast was a different building and that was the headquarters of an internment camp.

They were using “HQ” letters as a logo.

The internees were people from enermy countries ( Germany, Austria and Italy) who lived in Britain, including Jewish people.

The “Central Promnade Internment Camps” whose headquaters was this hotel apparently had both Germans who were sympathetic to Nazi and Jews together.

I read a novel regarding this subject long long time ago, but now I cannot remember the title or the author, which is really frustrating….